Caged and confined

The sun continues ‘to split the stones’ in West Cork and I remain caged and confined with little escape during daylight hours.  Escape is only undercover of suntan lotion because of the medication I am on.

Maybe I should become a creature of the night, but by darkness the day’s rigours have drained my energy and a comfortable bed and sleep is all I can rise to.

It’s an abnormal situation for me.  Being housebound forces me to face up to paperwork which has been gathering dust for months.  The sunlight streaming through the smudged windows, even with blinds partially down, snatches at dust and unwashed sills, skirting boards and a million other cleaning jobs that I have steadfastly ignored.  And I will continue to ignore.

I would like to do some weeding or gardening but it means a complete cover up and it’s quite warm out there still with promise of more to come.  So it is another day under cover and indoors.

I found some WD40 whilst cleaning out the under sink cupboard the other evening.     I had a burst of energy that has been absent for most of this year.

Now WD40 is a marvellous aid and I can thoroughly recommend it.  A few squirts and a wiggle of the window catch means that I can now lock the kitchen window again which has been unlockable for months.

I think that will be my task for today.  With WD40 in hand I will free all the sticky locks around the house, lubricate any stiff handles and hinges and have creak-free doors.

Now that’s enough excitement for anyone.





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