To be or not to be?

When I started writing up these blogs, and some are rejigged work previously  published or unpublished, I was on a huge learning curve.  I am learning slowly the mechanics of posting, tags and titles and can’t thank Perry enough for his perseverance and for being my help line.

I hoped the blog might promote the small business I run, trying to highlight the wonderful food, crafts and products which abound in West Cork. if anyone is interested.  Every tutor in every business course I have done or advice session I have attended has encouraged me to write a blog.

I am called in the journalistic world, a stringer, i.e., I know nothing, but can write about any subject.  (Eoghan Harris applied this label to me and such is my ignorance I had to ask someone what it meant.)

I love people and love to interview and write up their stories.  Everyone has a story, but when you live in a small and sparsely populated community, you have to be very careful what you write and whom you write about.

I am credited with never causing offence.  Not sure if that is true because there would be some national/government organisations I have offended, mainly because of my dislike of fish farms.  But I never knowingly or deliberately try to offend anyone personally.

I take great care that everything I write is accurate, the information and spellings.

So where to go from here?  Do I write more about my travels, about people and personalities I have met here over the years, about my childhood, or the harrowing two years of nursing someone with cancer?




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