Enough is a funny word, but probably one of the most empowering words to recognise and take on board.

The spelling of ‘Enough’ looks peculiar to me at least, and its meaning is often at opposite poles. Synonyms include – abundant, adequate, ample, full, sufficient, suitable, bellyful, acceptable, all right, already, bounteous, bountiful, comfortable, competent, complete, copious, decent.

Its antonyms include – inadequate, insufficient, lacking and unsuitable.

We also use it when we wish something to stop; for instance too much noise, squabbling children or teenagers at full tilt.

But when do we know we have enough.

I’ve wondered about this word since just before Christmas, when I was at a cash point in town, queuing with others to draw even more money out. It is that time of year when no matter what you budget for and plan to spend, there is always something else you think you will need.

The postman was cycling around town making his mid-morning delivery to the businesses and homes in Bridge Street, Skibbereen. He called his usual pleasant greeting to me of, ‘Good morning. How are you?’ as he swung over the bar on the bike and parked it by the entrance to the bank. ‘Get some for me while you are there,’ he added smiling.

I jokingly replied, ‘I will if I have any left.’ And then I thought about it – what I was actually doing. I was drawing out more money, just in case I needed anything else, when in fact I had enough of everything

‘I have enough.’ I called to him as I stepped away from the cash point.

And I did and I do.

Do you?


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