The last few days at Ja Ela

I did say yesterday that moving in day might be Monday but at this stage won’t be holding my breath.  Gate Late the builder has gone through the list of work for each room to be completed and Monday it is.   No odds taken on this happening though at this stage, although a suitcase of my clothes and sandals have gone down there today amongst a carload of curtains and packed holdalls from this house.  Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel after all – or perhaps we are just living in hope.

I managed to be quick enough out the gate this morning to take a photograph of the bread van which whizzes around the red sandy lanes hourly or so it seems.  It’s definitely not the same van each time as yesterday’s was more cream in colour, but highly painted too.  They all seem to play the same melodic tune.

the bread van.JPG

The ferocious watch dog, (Scene-a is the phonetic sound) is Sumitra’s constant companion.  Sceena is about 9 years old and is selective as to whom or what she will allow in the gates to the property.   Passing people and dogs are either barked at or totally ignored.   She is completely spoiled and some buns from the bread van are purchased for her, not every day, but most days.   She also knows when my son’s father-in-law (FIL) is not here because then she sneaks into the house and makes a beeline for the kitchen as soon as he has gone.   As soon as FIL is on the horizon she trots out of the house and lays under the large shady veranda.   She will not move if she is laying flat out in your way. This is her territory.   I wonder how she will take to the move.the-dog

I hope you can make out the two small palm squirrels in the photographs above.  They are about six inches long  and have stripes on their back.  I have seen these squirrels before but can’t remember in which country.    They make a piercing squeaking sound which I first thought was a bird.


These are the two enormous catfish in the indoor ponds.  There are several Shubunkin goldfish, and lots of little baby fish so conditions in the ponds must be right.  The roof is open to the elements with six inch planks of wood lined up on their sides, providing a bit of shade.  The larger of the two catfish aggressively attacks Sumitra if she steps in the pond to do anything.   He whacks her legs with his tail whist she is in his domain, but she is made of stronger stuff.

The other pond laying alongside and cutting further into the sitting room has a very large  Shubunkin goldfish which too has its own personality, that is if fish can have a personality.   It will allow nothing else to invade its territory save the smallest of baby fish.

The neighbours will come in and feed the fish when we move.  This house will be painted and put on the market.  Hopefully whoever buys it will be into wildlife because there is enough of it around.


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