Almost a Red Letter Day in Sri Lanka

Today almost worked out to be a red letter day here in Pelawatta. We were promised that wifi would be connected, the electrics for the washing machine were to be connected and Indika was bringing the three missing window!    So much to hope for on one day.

The Sri Lankan telecom lads turned up yesterday – after numerous phone calls (most of which were unanswered), daily treks to various offices and family here intervening (for that read pleading) on our behalf to have some kind of wifi installed.

We were promised that we were first job yesterday and we all rose early and waited with bated breath but 8 am, then 9 am passed by and another visit to the telecom office promised we were next job on the list.  And fair enough they did come along but nearer midday than as promised.  But at least they came.

The lads who arrived were wearing black Polo shirts so I thought it was the termite team back again.  The Sri Lankan telecom lads have the same green piping but around the collars and sleeves of their shirts and have different logo.

They came and inspected where the connection has to come in.  Never mind that the sockets to feed the fibre had all been put in the wrong place and wires connected which were now not needed – a mere detail – we were getting wfi!

It turned out that yesterday was not to be THE DAY as they had no router and promised to be back tomorrow with one!

It took another phone call this morning and the telecom men arrived again, armed with a router this time.  Not the same team as yesterday as today’s duo were dressed in pale beige trousers and light coloured shirts.

They did log in the incorrect password but son corralled them before they drove off so all is well as they phoned through the correct password before they headed for the hills again.   We have wifi at long last and I for one feel as if I am in touch with the outside world again.

There’s a central tv area on the large landing outside the three main bedrooms and that is where the main wifi comes in.   The landing area has space for a three seater leather sofa and the tv is very large which sits on a wooden multi drawer unit.

There will be another two televisions on this floor, one each in two of the bedrooms and there may have to be a third installed in the third bedroom at a later stage.

There will be no tv in the main lounge area on the ground floor as that will be a people space but there is scope for a small tv on one of the walls in the fairly spacious kitchen area – the yet to have design finalised and quote approved kitchen – so it is some way off yet.

We have a working fridge which is a huge step up from the ‘just about the size of a cool box portable fridge’ we have been working out of since last Saturday.  So life is getting that bit easier.

To make this a true Red Letter Day we needed two more thing to happen and we would feel as if we were not just camping out in the midst of this busy city.

The washing machine has yet to be connected up and the electrician arrived unexpectedly this morning.  I had been told he was sick and would not be here until Friday and someone else told me he had a big job to complete in Kandy – or was that the plumber?  Anyway Milton arrived and set to work.

I was in my bedroom mid-morning when I heard the doorbell ring repeatedly and shot downstairs thinking we had visitors.  (Last thing you would exactly wish for at the moment).

Milton had connected the door bell!   What about the washing machine I asked?  But translation is difficult and I really have to learn Sinhala or at least make an attempt.

I brought very few clothes out here, having the vision that I was going to have everything made for me when I got here.  (What on earth was I thinking of?)  That too has not worked out as planned and I had to send a big bundle of clothing and bedding to the launderette last Thursday.   For launderette don’t think it’s like Dot Cotton’s launderette on EastEnders.   They call it launderette here but you hand the clothing and linen over and they laboriously hand write and list everything and number it, giving you a copy.   I didn’t get my change of clothing until Wednesday when I really really was down to the last thing to wear!

If Indika arrived with the yet to be fitted especially manufactured  three windows that would truly make for a perfect day – that is if the washing machine was connected too.  Indika confirmed on the telephone that he was about an hour away but that was getting on for four hours ago now so we live in hope of seeing him another day.  He is terribly nice and his standard of work is excellent which is probably why he is in such high demand.   But the windows need to be in place especially in the attic room which is open to the elements and we are told to expect the Monsoon to arrive in the next week or so.  Luckily for us and others without windows, it is late this year.





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