American Standard


We went to American Standard today for some bathroom accessories.   All the bathrooms in this house are fitted wth American Standard fittings, equipment and accessories.  I don’t know whether it is the heat getting to me or if I have been too long out in the sun, but I really am in love with American Standard!

From the perfectly rounded and angled towel rails, w.c.’s with self closing toilet seat lids, to the neat toilet roll holders, and even the beautiful vanity light above my bathroom mirror, I love American Standard.  Everything is ergonomic and even the rail on my glass shower door is beautiful.   I just love American Standard.

The American Standard shower controls are easy to use although the plumber has to come back as he connected the hot water to the cold tap and the cold to the hot in the large umbrella rain shower head but all the other water connections are correct.

A uniformed parking man directed us to the last parking space in front of the American Standard glass-fronted store this morning.   The doors were opened for us by another uniformed man and one of the sales girls, who had served the son before, came immediately forward to help him again.

This is the difference here as there are so many people working in the shops there are always plenty of people to help you.  Sometimes there can be too many people helping you but that’s a story for another day.

I wandered about the shop in an ‘I’m in love with bathrooms daze.’   There were deep curved wash hand basins,  free-standing tubs,  walk-in shower cubicles and gleaming stainless steel taps of every description.

Better still their products feature an EverClean surface, a technology which ‘prevents mold, mildew or bacteria and keeps surfaces cleaner for longer.’   They even have a self-cleaning toilet bowl.  I wish that had been around when all the lads were at home.

The son made his choice of purchase and he sat down in a comfortable armchair in front of the desk the sales girl now sat behind.   Unless you are in one of the supermarkets it’s never a case of paying your money and taking the goods.

I am getting accustomed as to how long anything takes to get done here.   So I sat on one of the large sofas towards the front of the shop and watched the tv screen which extolled the virtues of American Standard wares.   (That’s how I learned about the EverClean surfaces.)

Eventually son has finished the financial side of the transaction and has a receipted docket in his hand, but we are not quite there yet.    He joins me on the sofas and we wait another while.  The sales girl comes towards us and informs us that the purchases are ready for collection.

We exit the store and son hands over the docket to the three warehouse men (yes three men) who have his purchases.   The purchases are in sealed boxes, so each one is carefully unboxed, inspected equally carefully by one of the warehouse men and by the son, before it is as carefully re-wrapped and repacked in its cardboard box.  The uniformed parking man is supervising this operation too in between directing cars into vacant parking spaces off the busy road.

With the goods secured in the car boot, the uniformed man stops the oncoming traffic so we can reverse then sit alongside the road until there is a gap in the traffic and we are on our way again.


I mentioned the traffic lights in a previous blog.  Here you can just about see the seconds counting down directly in front of the red Mitsubishi truck and to the left in red the numbers counting down for the pedestrian crossing.  They turn to green and count down the seconds you have to cross.


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