Terrace Green Hotel, Negombo

I came up to Negombe a couple of days ago and am going back to Pelawatta later today and then maybe off to the east coast.  There’s a resort I would like to visit on the http://www.theme-resorts.com website, the Maulu Maulu Resort and Spa.


I am fascinated by the images on the website particularly of this resort.  It’s like all the dreams you have ever had of sandy beaches and turquoise waters which keep quite shallow so you can paddle happily and in safety.

I have never experienced this on the Indian ocean.  Nearest was many years ago, (and there are photographs somewhere of me standing with a toddler in my arms), in Shell Bay on the Isle of Purbeck, maybe a couple of hundred yards out from the shore.  It was one of those blistering record-breaking hot days you get in the south of England.  The sea stayed at about eighteen inches deep as the land did not shelve so as the sun rose and heated the shallows, there was the blissful experience of hot water to paddle in as far as you could go out.    I remember our biggest problem was keeping the little boys covered up and persuading them they couldn’t live on that beach for ever.

Meanwhile I have really enjoyed my stay here at the Terrace Green Hotel. http://www.terracegreenhotel.com/ It has been in new ownership for about eight months and they are following the lines of some of the five star hotels I have stayed in – the Jetwing Beach and Blue, Negombo.

I checked this hotel out on TripAdvisor and the advice on there is really accurate.  They are working on some of the rooms as this is between seasons, but the floors are all solid, barefoot-friendly tiles, a very comfortable and enormous bed – a couple and children and two or three dogs size – is fitted with immaculate white linen and they have decent sized towels in the bathroom which is well kitted out too.  They have toiletries and flannels and really everything you could wish for.  There’s a flat screen tv which one of the nice young men helped me put on last night and I caught up with some local political news.  Great to have something other than the Donal and Hillary saga, which is quite disturbing when you think about it, but I tend not to.

There’s a fridge in the room too and a balcony with a glass topped coffee table and a couple of chairs.  I popped up a couple of flights of stairs to the roof terrace where there are some loungers but it’s out of season at the moment so no activity there.  There are other guests but you can’t hear any noise from the other rooms.

They are putting in a swimming pool by either December/January and I showed the manager the website of the pool at the Lodge & Spa, Inchydoney Island, Clonakilty, which set him thinking.  He thinks the hotel has access to sea water from a well at the entrance to the drive and he is going to investigate as he would like to have a Spa treatment centre here too.

In one respect the hotel is kind of off the beaten track but that’s nice too as you are living next to the locals and that is what this country is all about.  The people are welcoming and warm and charming.   I wandered along the red dusty road yesterday afternoon looking for a shop to put some credit on my mobile phone.  Most places were closed but there is a big catholic church around the corner, namely St Jude’s – this hotel is in St Jude’s Lane.

The food here is something else again.  I have lost weight over the past five or six weeks I have been here.  I know I need to lose more but because of the heat I have no pain when walking so have been going out most days that I could, just around the block in Pelawatta.

I booked half board and the choice of meals is good but the set menus for half board include appetizers, soup, salads, mains, desserts, and tea or coffee.   Of course because you are paying for it, you think you should eat it all to get your money’s worth!   The most expensive set menu is 2,800LK and that is roughly €16.  Well I have tried but I just can’t eat through all the courses and have been embarrassed having to return perfectly cooked and perfectly good food as it has been just too much for me.

The chef made me a smaller portion last night but I still couldn’t eat my way through the main course after the starter and the soup which were both so delicious I just had to finish them.

The food really has been the best that I have eaten since coming here.  And they have understood that I can’t eat spicy food so have cooked everything fresh to order.  This means that you might wait a tad longer if they are busy with other orders, but the food is definitely worth the wait.

Where to next I wonder?  I’ll let you know in the next blog.




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