A week on the Costas

Life gets in the way of keeping up the blog and what a busy week it has been.  But today I met a remarkable Irish woman in her 90s who is blessed with beautiful skin, wit, and a mischievous twinkle in her dark brown eyes.

She has not long given up cycling and her bike, although passed into another’s ownership, sits in what I now consider ‘my square’ as a reminder of her adventures of not too long ago.   She is well loved and well cared for and her two carers, one Polish and the other Rumanian treat her with respect and gentleness.   To the amusement of her carers, they can ask a question in Spanish to which she might reply in English and when asked a question in English might reply in Spanish.  She is fluent in both and the Irish Gaelic.

We are forecast heavy rain tomorrow and there was some rain today, just enough to keep the dust down.  Other than that it has been a blissful week with clear blue skies and many enjoying the beach, families swimming and building sandcastles and others boarding – is that what you call it when you propel yourself along on a board? – and more just enjoying the rays.

The boardwalk along the sea front is traversed by every man and his brother.  As well as people of all nationalities and shapes and sizes, gear and garb, there are dogs of all shapes and sizes too.  The Spanish do love their dogs and their four legged friends are walked each morning and evening.

You would see ‘designer’ dogs too, and yesterday I even spotted an enormous black great Dane, poor fellow, plodding along in the heat of the midday sun.

Spaniards are extremely well dressed.  Mostly they wear highly polished shoes, tights or stockings on the ladies, dresses, skirts and smart jackets and coats and leather handbags.  Their personal grooming is exact with polished and painted nails, obviously professionally manicured, and hair and make-up done to a standard which would have Marion Creedon Hegarty’s approval.

The men predominately seem to be good looking but before anyone makes any smart comment I haven’t really been looking at the men and neither am I looking for one.

I love ‘my square’ and today ate at Jesus’s.  His son is an opera singer and has just gone off to France where he is booked for about six weeks.   The coffee in Jesus’s is sublime and I think the best in the square.   I had his home made pate today and it was divine and came so artistically presented with tiny slivers of fresh orange and strawberry, cumberland sauce, onion and cucumber, and a basket of miniature toasties.

From what I understand and it was a tripartite conversation he has cooked either for the president of Finland or someone terribly important in Finland.  There was a Finnish couple who have a home here and a Dutch woman who like me is escaping the worst of the winter at home.  The Finnish couple were terribly impressed with the photograph Jesus showed them of the person he had cooked for.

The Dutch lady had pre-ordered her vegetarian paella.  Jesus insists on having at least one day’s notice so he can prepare it properly.   It looked to be an absolute feast and the Dutch lady had half of it to take home for tomorrow’s lunch.

Everything is cooked fresh and to order so you might have to wait a spell, but as Jesus demonstrates, he doesn’t need to go to the gym to keep fit.  He does enough exercise just working.  He was especially busy today as usually he has a son who helps him but was on his own as a number of regulars arrived for lunch.  You could tell they were regulars as  he kissed the women on each cheek and shook hands with the men.  (I am not considered a regular).  Jesus has developed his own lasagne, which doesn’t have any lasagne pasta but is layers of vegetables interspersed with salmon and a mushroom and cheese sauce, all prepared with his own fair hand.

He cooked a chicken curry for the Finnish lady and a different dish which consisted of potatoes, vegetables and fish in a bowl shaped pan which doubled as a serving dish from which the Finnish man helped himself.

He was out of apple cake so offered tiramisu which he said would be better tomorrow as he has just made it.  It was wonderful and the Scots, Dutch and Fins made short work of it.




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