Boomerang Hat

Has my boomerang hat lost its magic?   I lost it again on Monday between the doctor’s on the Cork Road, Cleary’s Pharmacy, Main Street, and the West Cork Hotel, Skibbereen.  It’s a deep turquoise with sparkling beading on the front and a double layer of the softest warmest material.  I also lost a brand new fine pashmina.  The pashmina was lovely but the hat has become my signature.  I have been recognised in the strangest of places by my wonderful hat.    I bought it two or three years ago in Violette’s, Skibbereen, and have bought another hat in the same shop in a different colour but nothing has matched the original turquoise one.

I have mislaid it before and each time it has found its way back to me.  I even dropped it in the huge cavernous recycling bin in Fueengirola, standing there one morning to find my recycling still in my hand and the hat on top of a heap of newspapers about 15 feet below me.   Thankfully a lovely Spanish workman came to my rescue with a 15 foot pole to which he fixed a hook and lo and behold he rescued my hat.

It’s become like an old friend.   And I can’t imagine or work out where I left it this time.  The weather has picked up and I don’t really need to wear it these days but it is like losing a good friend,

The last few days in Fuengirola were dampened by me catching stomach bug.  Drinking only water for a couple of days resolved the problem plus shifted another bit of excess weight.  The weather was divine and I wandered down to the beach as often as I could to savour the rays, the air and the scenery.  Time was spent saying farewell to friends I have made and promises of catching up with them in October when i am planning to return to ‘my square’.  There was also a major clean up of the flat and then a decision about what I could not squeeze into my two suitcases in the hold and the third one in the cabin.  The surplus has been very well distributed by a friend in Fuegirola who must have blessed me when she saw the amount of stuff I was discarding.   (it’s just that I am a very good shopper with an eye for bargain.)

Being picked up at Cork airport by a dear friend was a joy and we caught up with each other’s adventures on the journey west along.  We stopped off at a bustling Celtic Ross Hotel, for lunch, where we were very well looked after by the staff, who remained cheerful and efficient despite the huge numbers the hotel was catering for.  It was Mothering Sunday and mums and supporters were out in force enjoying the food and the nurturing.

Of course the reason I was in Spain was my deteriorating health and it has continued to deteriorate since I got back with two visits to the doctor within six days.  The latest prescription drugs have kept me upright and able to enjoy life.

Went to a fab circus with the daughter-in-law and the two grandchildren on Saturday.  I think it was Gerbola Circus and it was pretty impressive.

Met friends everywhere, went to Skibbeereen Women’s Group, and their newly set up book group, (looking forward to reading ‘Night Train to Lisbon), and then to the first night of choir wth the Baltimore singers.  Have the precious grandchildren for a couple of hours Thursday pm following a catch up with another dear friend and then being taken to Camilla Griehsel’s MA performance in Cork on Friday, wth some retail therapy sandwiched in between.   Schull Drama Group’s latest offering is on the menu for Saturday night and then Happy in Baltimore dance rehearsal on Sunday at 11 am at Glebe Gardens, but have doubts about managing the dancing.

So it’s all full on again in West Cork as I step back into the West Cork way of life but sadly without my precious hat.



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