The Old Labrador

I was driving through Ballydehob last night, late for the promised supper before the Schull play.   There were cars parked on each side of the road as I drove up the less steep hill of the two roads.  I slowed down to make room for an elderly golden labrador ambling up the road, plodding head on into the oncoming traffic, his golden face, faded, almost white with age, his walk slow and laborious.   The downward traffic slowed accordingly accommodating the elderly dog.  Like myself he had added on pounds with age.

I felt a lot like the elderly lab as it has been a rough week health wise.  But like the old dog I have been accommodated and cared for, ferried about, and my frailties considered and made allowances for with great patience.

Caleb Cairns excelled as the lead in the Schull play which now heads to the All Irelands.  Like most plays that make the All Irelands, they always have an undercurrent of a message, mostly which makes me at least uncomfortable.  Maybe I am a Philistine but I think there is enough drama and sadness in real life and around the world these days, especially this past week, that when you go out for a night out you want to forget your troubles, ails and ailments and have an enjoyable fun night out.

It was too painful to watch the results of last week’s chemical attack and there is a belief that the Third World War has already started, at least according to John Pilger.  It all seems to be about commodities and all the posturing and facing off will not bring peace to anyone.

I have long since given up taking on board what is reported on the screens in front of me, small and large.  I am well aware of how news and incidents can be rejigged and manipulated to suit the deliverer of the ‘news’.

At the United World Youth Council opening ceremony in 2004, one of the speakers from the United Nations encouraged the teenagers to change their own corner.  I believe that’s all that is within our grasp, and that we should all change our own corners and do the little we can for others within our reach.    It’s not ducking out of reality – it is enabling and making a meaningful change.

A book I have proof read for someone is to be published.  I am delighted as it has been ten years in incubation.   The thrill and excitement of the writer who struggled to get through this, was infectious.   I was as excited and as thrilled as she was.

Babysitting the grandchildren during the week turned into a techie event as the boy took over my laptop (minecraft) and the little girl had an ipad (pawpatrol).

A friend called in, a friend the little girl had not seen before and suddenly she was hiding behind me with her hand firmly clapsed in mine   Such a treat to have this little girl treat me with such trust.  Her lack of confidence soon evaporated when the friend entertained the two children with a magic trick.   The boy, at age 8, soon spotted the ‘magic’ but the little girl is a firm fan forever and now has a new friend.

Camilla Griehsel’s MA performance at Curtis Hall, CIT, Cork, was simply amazing.  Her voice is incredible and she took us on a journey around the world, songs from different countries in a variety of languages.  What a treat this event was, with the gorgeous Maurice Seezer on piano, Niwel Tsumbu on guitar and Eric Mingus on base.  I realised I had interviewed Eric and his wife a number of years ago and reintroduced myself to him.  He remembered me and had just moved back to West Cork and in fact now lives in the same parish as myself.

Was thrilled to see Ayoola Smart in Vera last week.  She was not the lead, but certainly one of the main characters and played her part so admirably.  She is a gorgeous girl and I am so thrilled with the success she has had – in the Globe last year and making inroads into tv this year.   I did a piece for her years ago when she won a beauty contest in the UK.   I found her so polite, unassuming and grounded.  Such a great credit to her wonderful mum Sally.

We are truly privileged to live here with all the beauty of the scenery and the huge musical and artistic talent on our doorstep.  The Ballydehob Jazz Festival has a great line up and on the back of that is the Baltimore Fiddle Fair.  Before all that there is a gig in Inishbeg with two great traditional musicians.

Summer appears to have arrived in West Cork and there is a bursting energy and positivity that is almost palpable.  Happy in Baltimore No 4 will take place on the Square on Easter Sunday and it should be as amazing as all the other performances – a great community working together.

The hat and pashmina are gone for ever I think.  It remains a mystery as to where they disappeared.  But it is the small things that matter.  I am so grateful thats I have got someone who will come and cut the almost one foot high grass on the lawn.  And that I have a lovely lady who is going to come and help with the weeding and tidying and replanting all the tubs, planters and containers.

All I need now are silver shoes for the wedding in a couple of weeks’ time.  I bought grey silver shoes in TK-Max but they are too dark and don’t suit my outfit.  I have silver sandals but I think silver shoes would suit the beautiful dress and jacket I bought in Fuengirola.  I was going to wear a bright pink cashmere coat that I got at a terribly reduced price in Spain.  However, one of my fashion conscious friends scolded me saying what I was planning was totally wrong and wouldn’t do at all.  She is lending me a wrap so I will be all glammed up for a change.

Happy days!



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