‘That sounds very West Cork’

The Customs House, Baltimore, opened its doors, on Friday of the Easter weekend.  It opens for weekends until the summer season starts when it will be open five or six days a week.  Opening hours are from 11 to 5 pm, which elicited the remark, ‘That sounds very West Cork.’   Busy mum of three, knitwear designer Sharon Rose McKeever is the driving force behind this enterprise which consists of three rooms devoted to local crafts, art, knitwear, jewellery, and of course some http://www.madeinwestcork.ie pieces.

Sharon Rose is also the driving force behind ‘Happy in Baltimore 4’ and there were crowds in the Square on Sunday afternoon as the final preparations for filming were underway.  The 2017 Happy in Baltimore theme is ‘No Borders’ – everyone welcome, whatever nationality or age and the completed film should be ready in the coming weeks.  Watch this spot.

Inish Beg also opened their cafe on FrIday and in addition to the beautiful grounds and gardens, there’s a pirate trail too.   Many of the fairies who have been evicted from local Coillte woodlands have now been rehoused on the Inish Beg estate.  Fairies with refugee status are declared as being more than welcome.

Skibbereen Market last Saturday was almost as busy as a summer’s day.  The holiday weekend brought crowds and visitors out in force and hopefully the stallholders did very well.

The wedding is now less than a week away.  I tried both the shoe shops in Skibbereen for silver shoes.  There was one pair in Kevin O’Regan’s Fuchsia shoe shop that I was unsure of.   They were a bit tight so I left them behind.  But a friend encouraged me to try them on again and gave her approval.  I was still unsure so the assistant in the shop suggested I take them home, try them on with the outfit and if they suited pay for them next time I was in town.

Where else would you be allowed to take a very expensive (for me anyway) pair of shoes home to try on and not leave a deposit or payment?  I am still practising with the shoes around the house and hopefully they will be fine on the day.

All the family talk is of the wedding, and already plans are being made for things that have to be dealt with as being delayed to ‘after the wedding’ or ‘when the wedding is over’,

The small granddaughter, who has a passion for the colour purple, is suffering as she is not allowed to wear purple shoes to the wedding.  Her outfit is dreamy and just beautiful. She showed me her ‘wedding’ shoes yesterday and screwed up her face as she said, ‘but they’re cream.’   They are very pretty girlie shoes with a neat little strap and a leather flower embossed on the front.  But they are not purple!

So the Ballydehob Jazz Festival is on the week after the wedding and the Baltimore Fddle Fair only days after that and then West Cork festivals start in earnest.

I joined a book reading group the other week and the designated book is Night Train to Lisbon.  I tried to download it to my Sony book reader completely unsuccessfully again.  I must see if there is a youtube video that will teach me how to use the book reader.

Meantime I popped into Skibbereen Library and discovered my library card was now extinct, or at least I don’t exist on the Cork County Council list of library members.  But I discovered a new service that is available only since the past two or three weeks.  Thanks to a very helpful library assistant, I now have a new card with a designated new fourteen digit number, which together with my password enables me to download either audio books or  ebooks to my iphone or ipad, although  don’t have an ipad – yet.  It doesn’t seem to work for my laptop.   Added to which my enquiry for a hard copy of The Night Train to Lisbon on Wednesday afternoon resulted in the nearest copy which was in Schull library being delivered to Skibbereen library first thing Thursday morning.  How’s that for service and all free!







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