The Wedding

Saturday dawned clear and fine and it had the promises of being a perfect day.  I had a good start as I even managed to put on a pair of tights and not shred them before I got out of the house.

I hate tights with a vengeance but my Spanish outfit was only just to my knee so for once I would not get away with my usual knee highs.   With arrangements and timings being changed at the last minute I worked out I would have to change into my wedding clothes in the hairdressers and meet my family in town.

The parking fairy answered my prayers as I even got parked not too far from the hairdressers.  I had organised two bags for the day, one for the hairdressers and the other with silver sandals, in case my new silver shoes proved to be too tight later in the day (which they were), and top up make up, perfume etc and a spare pair of tights as I was sure I would snag them somewhere along the way.

I had ordered some organic steak mince from Madeline McKeever and received a text only minutes before I was due to have my face painted that her daughter Holly had my mince in the market.  ‘You have three minutes!’ warned Kelly Ann.  I made it back in time too despite Madeline’s place at the top of the market not her place any more.  Caroline pointed me to Mad’s new position where her daughter Holly was manning the stall.  Quick weigh and money exchanged, I put the mince in the boot of my car and made it back to the hairdresser in time.


Honey Bee (formerly Hair Heaven) is where I was about to be transformed into someone I didn’t really recognise in the mirror.  Pamela did my make up and successfully covered up the deep bags below my eyes.  (Marion has suggested I have an eye lift but for the time being I will stick with the paint!)

Next it was Kelly Ann who tackled my hair.  It’s quite long at the moment, deliberately so that it could be put up for the wedding, and I had been instructed to wash it a couple of days before Saturday.   Dress on and zipped up with one of the young girls who was having a well-earned break for lunch and then I was set to go.

I felt like a celebrity as everyone was commenting on how well I looked.  It’s amazing what cover up makeup and hair spray and a box and a half of grips can do.

Dashed to the Church Restaurant to get a sandwich and bottle of water which I would consume on my way down west in daughter-in-law’s car with the little granddaughter who would be a flower girl.   The cars had been swapped over and son was driving the bridesmaids in his brother-in-law’s car, whose wife was driving son’s car but it was all a bit confusing although I think I was the only one who was confused.

First stop was the bride’s home place for photographs and the little granddaughter was needed for that as was her little cousin, around fourteen months and so dotey and so smiley and sweet.  Both held a single silver stem which had a silver heart with a beautiful pink rose in full bloom in front of the heart.

I stayed in the car and ate my lunch and watched all the comings and goings.   The photographer was a great guy, running here, there and everywhere and snapping right left and centre.  I think he must have taken hundreds and hundreds of photographs during the day.

My granddaughter, three and three-quarters, held her little cousin’s hand all the way up the long aisle and the 8 year old grandson followed at a decent space apart.  He had the very important task of carrying the wedding rings.

The grandson had a brilliant wedding seeing lots of relatives and friends.  The little granddaughter danced the legs off both her parents.  She was out there dancing for every tune the band played.  Said parents only got off the floor when the band went off for a break and the little girl fell asleep on her mother’s lap.  She stirred as soon as the disco started but was whisked off to bed before she could don the dancing shoes again.

It was a wonderful wedding, a brilliant day altogether and the bride and groom take with them scores and scores of good wishes for their future happiness.  You can tell how thoughtful they are because the whole day was so well organised, from the details in the order of service to the packs my grandchildren found in their places at the dinner table. They both had an activity pack labelled with their names which would keep them amused through the breaks for the speeches.  And there were no wedding favours as the bridal couple had chosen to make a donation to West Cork Animal Welfare Group instead.

I would say the bride and groom are set for a long and happy life together.

My son had to help me walk to my car as the silver sandals were not comfortable at all and I would have been better had I kept the new silver shoes on although my feet were so swollen I might have needed a tin opener to get the shoes off.

I got home close to midnight and it took me a while to clean off all the makeup, then de-grip the hair. It was sticking out like the straight bristles of a brush but at odd angles to my head.  My mother would have said I looked like the wreck of the Hesperus.   I truly did look as if my hair had been through a hurricane.  It would have been my mother’s hundredth birthday the day of the wedding.  She was always annoyed at the fuss made of Queen Elizabeth II, who has her birthday the day before, saying she felt just as important as the Queen.

I felt a bit like Cinderella as I did not look a bit like the person who had looked back at me that morning in the hairdressers’ mirror.

And there is no Prince Charming around but if there had been he would have run a mile!


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