Where were you?

It was one of those momentous weeks. Will you remember where you were when US news stations finally declared Joe Biden, President-elect? Will you remember where you were when you heard there was a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus? Or will you remember where you were when you heard the UK deaths from the virus had topped the 50,000 mark? (The death toll is probably much higher than that because for the last while only those who have been diagnosed with the Corona virus and have died within 28 days of the diagnosis are counted as dying from the virus, i.e., if you were diagnosed 29 days ago or earlier you don’t count as dying from the virus!)

I was at Lesley and Michele’s at a barbecue on Saturday 7th when their daughter Emma checked her mobile phone and announced Joe Biden had made the necessary number 270. I had watched the counts during the previous nights when the numbers seemed stuck for over 24 hours. Great relief that the Trump dynasty may be at an end but you can understand quite clearly why he rushed to put his own lady in the Supreme Court.

I was at a Swallows’ lunch overlooking the harbour when I received a phone call from an excited Christine N. She is planning to travel out to Lanzarote early 2021, but not until there is a vaccine. A vaccine has been announced as being 90% successful. Tuesday’s news was exciting and positive, and a GM reporter even managed to doorstep the cautiously optimistic Minister for Health between a Sky news and BBC interview. Government ministers have been boycotting Good Morning Britain for around 200 days.

And I was in bed with the headphones on listening to Ben and Susannah this morning -12th November – when the deaths for the UK topped the 50,000 mark, the highest death toll in Europe. Meanwhile Johnston’s buddies were jostling for position in a power struggle. Carrie is said to have blocked the appointment of Lee Cain as the PM’s chief of staff. Said Lee Cain has resigned and Dominic Cummins, (he who tested his eyesight by driving a thirty mile round trip) is also said to be considering his position.

Was this a diversionary tactic to block the top story of the day i.e., 50,000 plus Virus – related deaths in the UK? One wonders but thankfully common sense prevailed and Susannah and Ben continued with the deaths as their lead story.

Johnston’s ex-wife, Marina Wheeler, was also interviewed by Ben and Susannah this morning. Launching her new book, “The Last Homestead,” Ms Wheeler explained the last two years had been very traumatic and difficult. Battling cervical cancer, but in remission following three operations, as well as coping with divorce and the death of her mother to cancer, Ms Wheeler was the epitome of dignity as she refused to be drawn into answering questions regarding her ex-husband and what may be happening in No 10 at the moment. The book covers the end of British rule in India and the partition into India and Pakistan. I truly hope it is very successful for her and that she finds peace and fulfilment as she returns to her legal work.

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