Another week

So here we are at the start of another week, that is if you count a Sunday as the start. I would like to think of it as the start as there is hopefully a change in the government in the UK. Not a change of government – a change in the team of advisers to Mr Johnston. Maybe things will be clearer and more efficient.

The Canary Islands require you to have a clear Covid test before landing and I believe the onus is on the hotels to check that their guests are Covid free. Much better that the test is done before one boards a plane, as the whole plane load of passengers could be at risk.

I love the Channel 4 programme “A Place in the Sun”. A young man in the hotel who I had mistaken for a diver – is working on a programme. Tells me it take a week to prepare the programme and a week to film. I don’t know if they are filming locally but further enquiries reveal they are. In fact there is another team filming in Matagorda.

As the director who looks like a surfer heads off to Grand Canaria another team arrive into the hotel and they are a lovely bunch of people. They too spend a week researching and the second week filming. We have had heavy rain as we slip into the final month of this never to be forgotten year. The rain and flooding must affect the filming. But the team head down to the beach on their final afternoon in Playa Blanca. The rain again disturbs their afternoon and they head off as the skies darken, with slate grey clouds, and their next destination is Tenerife.

They were good company. Nice people and I appreciate their company. I find myself lonely. Self-inflicted, because I am avoiding new arrivals to the hotel as they could be carrying the virus. I never believed the saliva test was to be trusted. Today it was announced it is only fifty percent accurate. Testing now has to happen 72 hours before arrival. This means you have a gap before catching the flight where you could become infected. Our Lanzarote Ladies Connected and Lanza Swallows groups both have a rule no one is permitted to join in any event until they have been on the island a minimum of seven days. Until the vaccine is as widespread as the virus we will still be at risk.

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