Washing Machine Woes

So the washing machine man came this afternoon. He tried different programmes on the machine but the foamy water just continued whirling around getting foamier with the continued agitation. Finally he decided to take off the protecting white plinth that made the washing machine a ‘Built-in” machine. Really it is installed behind a door which matches the newly installed kitchen. If I had managed to remove the glued-on plinth myself I would have found the drain trap and might have been able to open it myself.

He selected the shallowest Tupperware box I offered him. He gently opened the drain trap and filled the box, closed the drain trap and emptied the contents into yesterday’s pink bendy bucket. He repeated these steps several times and eventually cleaned the drain trap.

His English is slightly better than my Spanish and I think he told me he had cleaned the drain trip and unblocked the pipe. He had used a screwdriver and a biro pen to achieve this and told me the washing machine was working. If it was not I was to call reception and he would come back.

After he left I put some whites in the machine and the floor had another wash. Clean water poured out from underneath the machine and he has either not closed the drain trap door properly or he has poked a hole in a pipe underneath the machine with the screwdriver or biro pen.

Of course when I phoned reception to report water flowing over the kitchen floor the machine repair man had gone home but would be back in the morning.

So I have another display of dripping wet clothes on the patio. But this time I didn’t need to bale out the machine as it flowed freely from underneath the machine.

The kitchen floor has never been so well washed.

Happy days!

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