Water water everywhere

With almost one thousand isolating at home, around thirty in a hospital ward and another ten in ICU, I am isolating. It’s not as hard as it seems as I am lucky to be where I am.

Walking with the mask on when it gets hot makes breathing difficult so I walked early this morning and was back busying myself. There are always jobs to be done and I swept up the huge patio outside and then through the rooms in the villa. I decided to wash my bath towels and that’s where the trouble began.

In fairness the washing machine is not the best. From the first day I carefully followed the handwritten instructions inside the cupboard door it has made such a loud banging noise you could probably hear it half a mile away. It clangs, bangs and as it has never drained out completely I have worried about the clothes being rinsed thoroughly.

Today it made screeching sounds in addition to the bangs and clangs as it whirled away. It would not spin at the end of a cycle. I tried turning the dial around to the spin of another programme but all it did was add more water. The level of suds, which would not rinse away, formed a three inch thick white foamy line on top of water. I studied the porthole door for some time, willing the water to drain away but it was having none of it.

Eventually armed with a bendy rubber pink two-handled bucket and a rigid blue pail, I opened the door. The bucket filled immediately and the pail took what cascaded out of the open door with the excess flowing on the tiles. I couldn’t lift the bucket to empty it out such was the weight of the water. I pulled the towels out and rinsed them individually in cold water in the sink. It took ages to rinse the suds out of the towels. I was worried about how much precious water I was pouring down the sink. I baled out the washing machine with a saucepan.

With the towels drying in the breeze, I did an absolutely stupid thing. I switched on the machine, this time with no clothes in it. It filled as before and I hoped that it would empty but no matter how I changed the programme it still would not empty. So I have a slightly thinner white foam line sitting on top of the water which fills over half the porthole window of the machine.

I phoned reception for help but they had gone for the day so I have decided to leave as is and wait for one of the maintenance guys to come on in the morning and sort it out.

The only positive is so much water missed the pail and the bucket I was able to mop up the kitchen floor which I had intended washing but not necessarily today.

It’s another day tomorrow and the kitchen floor might well get a second

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