33 Days in the Wilderness Day 15

We awake to a beautiful day with people swimming in the water in front of the hotel and joggers out doing their stuff whilst it is still cool.

We have breakfast in the Cascade Rooms restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel. We are given large plastic covers for our food.  The restaurant is open on one side and beautifully coloured birds, with purple heads, bright green backs and orange chests fly in and out.  The staff get quite cross with the birds and with some of the guests who are enticing the birds to their tables with food.  The birds do not need much encouragement.  A large magpie gets stuck behind the serving dishes but he eventually gets out.

The large plastic covers are for the cups, glasses or plates that you do not have in your hand.  The birds swoop and call throughout the meal and it becomes a competition as to who is going to eat the food – you or the bird.

We hand the buggy keys in at reception at 9 am when our minibus arrives to take us back to the pier.  We have a great crossing to the mainland.  We do both trips by water taxi and we are now heading towards Rockhampton our stop for tonight.

Geoffrey took sick with his chest yesterday and he had to get drugs yesterday and today.  They got a Chinese meal with their meal vouchers delivered to their room last night.  They are both in good spirits but Geoffrey’s breathing is very bad.

The cattle are amazing on our journey down.  Nothing like John O’Mahony’s, black and white glossy-coated beasts.  He would really enjoy this.   I will send him a postcard of these weird animals.  At any one time there are three million cattle resting in the lands around Rockhampton.  Their meat is more tender if they rest for two or three days after the stress of their journey before slaughter.

We have a few stops on the way to Rockhampton where we stay at the Comfort Inn. The food is good.  We go for a walk with Jimmy, Rhonda and Tizania but Rockhampton was shut.  There are lots of Irish names on the business premises.  No-one is walking on the streets and the drivers of huge Mercedes-like cars slowdown when they see us walking and stare at us as if we are from another planet.  Apparently no-one walks in this boring town.

I feel quite ill but we have been doing a lot of mileage.

307 miles