Sydney Harbour

33 Days in the Wilderness Day 22

We re-pack our bags yet again, have breakfast in the hotel and walk down through the park to Rushcutter’S Bay.

Kay and Trudi pick us up and take us to the GAP.  These are huge rocks that stand each side of the narrow entrance to Sydney Harbour which widens to resemble an opened fan.  There is a lighthouse on the southern side of the GAP and many tourists stop and walk over the rocky path to look at the dark blue choppy water.  The girls drive us to Manley and the wide sandy beach set within the Bay is busy with families enjoying the bright afternoon sunshine.  Craft stalls are set up on the road leading away from the seafront and many shops are open.  A brass band plays in the pedestrian walkway and we sit for a spell and watch the other visitors.

We drive to Trudi’s house.   I have seen this house from photographs over the past thirty years so I feel at home as we walk up the path.  The garden is beautiful and the decor in the house very much like what used to be Trudi’s mother’s home in Edinburgh.  The large back garden is beautiful with banana trees and sub-tropical plants.   However Trudi sweeps away giant cobwebs with a broom before we can walk up the back garden, and she says, “It’s been a bad year for spiders.”

There are cats everywhere.  I don’t know how she remembers the names of them all and Maureen and I secretly count at least twenty.  Trudi was denied the chance to have children and the cats are her family.

The girls drop us off at the station. There are double-decker trains directly into the centre of Sydney.   We again walk up to Hyde Park and get back to Bayside Hotel early evening.  We have to reorganise our bags as we are leaving luggage in store in the Bayside because we are off to Ayers Rock tomorrow.  We only need to pack enough clothes for four days.